To the cynics.

There is returning to WoW in order to be reminded of the good times that you had, and there is returning to WoW in an attempt to relive those times.

They are two different things, and it would behove you to confirm which is being undertaken before being smarmy about it.

If after being proffered the former option you still think it is a waste of time and foolish, you have my deepest sympathies; and tell me, when exactly did you last have contact with your soul? Perhaps we can help you find it.

2 thoughts on “To the cynics.

  1. Stabs

    Agreed. But this is also advice that could be reasonably extended to the optimists, like Tobold, who think Stranglethorn Vale 2 will be so amazing that they’ve resubbed now just to be sure to have enough Frost Lotus for 2011.

    This time the antispam word, like the comment that preceeds it, is hornswoggle

  2. Melmoth

    Master, when the land is shattered and gone, how will we ever return to that which we once knew?

    Start by grinding resources and reputation, Grasshopper; soon that which you once knew will no longer seem new.

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