Dear diary.

Day forty two. Still stuck in the character creator. Johannson has abandoned us and struck out on his own. I fear that Smedley-Brown will leave next, and then I don’t know what I shall do; I was going to kill and eat him so that I didn’t have to leave our base camp to fetch food. On a brighter note I have completed my Automata clone:

He will sit nicely alongside my Stupendous Man, along with all the others.

As I write this, Smedley-Brown is leaving. I’m alone now. All alone. Like that man in Silent Running with all his robot pets.

Oh, now that would make a great character.

3 thoughts on “Dear diary.

  1. Melmoth

    @Ysh: For heaven’s sake m’lady, will you stop encouraging my altitus!

    @Stabs: I did try, but alas there’s no ‘penis’ option for the forehead slot of the character creator; a large oversight on the part of Cryptic I feel, as it rules out many possible ‘Internet Celebrity’ character concepts.

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