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A couple more bits of Guitar Heroism/Rock Banditude: firstly Melmoth pointed me towards Plastic Axe, a most splendid looking blog for all things polymer-chain guitar related that also hosts “The Vault”, an ambitious project to track all the songs available to virtually rock out to across the various Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Rock Revolution games.

Then I was catching up on Twitter, and noticed Simon Mayo had posted: “Anyone any good at Guitar Hero? Will be playing on air later. But will have the virtuoso skills of @ruskin147 to rely on.” Tuning in to his show, it possibly had the best line-up of subjects ever: Andrew Roberts talking about The Storm of War, a new World War II history that sounds most interesting, then Ross Noble and Chris Addison talking about various tours and DVDs, and finally a segment on Guitar Hero with editor of Metal Hammer Magazine Alexander Milas, International Music & Licensing Manager for Activision Blizzard Sergio Pimental and BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.

Ross Noble, it turns out, is an Expert level Guitar Hero player, or at least was until he had to go cold turkey for fear of it taking over his life, so there’s definitely a constituency of plastic-guitar wielding comedians (Noble and Richard Herring for starters). The show should be available for a week on the “Listen Again” link (Wednesday 26th August), or there’s a half hour podcast of the Ross Noble/Chris Addison segment that’s really worth a listen not only for Guitar Hero, but also the sure-fire smash hit replacement for Big Brother “Weed or Not Weed”.

3 thoughts on “The Noble Axe

  1. Caspian

    I love Simon’s show – I listen to the podcast every day and the Weekly Wittertainment with Dr Kermode is masterful.

    Simon’s show is also one of the rare ones that has really moved me, he asks really good questions, and I remember in one episode he was talking to a soldier who had been in Iraq that had rescued a number of colleagues under fire at the expense of his own legs.. It was a beautiful interview and I remember Simon himself getting quite emotional.

    Precious stuff…

    Incidentally, the anti-spam word I needed to enter to post this entry was ‘tittle’, which given your blog struck me as marvelously appropriate…

    Later chaps.


  2. Zoso

    @spinks Combined with the usual sports chat of Five Live, you might just be right…

    @Caspian Mr Mayo is indeed most versatile with the variety of guests on the show, and the Friday film reviews are always a highlight, I think the two Doctors may be the greatest double act of all time!

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