Wild? I was livid!

From bit-tech.net, news that “computer games can be just as good for children as any traditional classroom activity or form of educational media”. According to the report: “Despite their reputation as promoters of violence and mayhem, digital games have in fact been shown to help children gain content and vital foundational and 21st-century skills”

I understand one of the subjects of the study now works as a butcher on a sanglier farm in France where, on a daily basis, they’re required to slaughter anything between nine and eleven boars, and they learnt everything they know from playing MMOGs…

1 thought on “Wild? I was livid!

  1. FraidOfTheLight (was: Gadget)

    Yeah, can you imagine if in-game alchemists went out into the real world, and used that knowledge to sell potions to people which increased their stamina or made them bigger?

    Oh, wait…

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