Queues brothers.

Patchin’, patchin’, patchin’
Though the modem’s smokin’
Keep them players patchin’
Nerf and fix and update,
Developers they conflate,
Everythin’ the forums had decried.
All the things we’re missin’,
Class updates, tweaks, balancin’,
Been delayed so now we know they lied.

Load ’em on, patch ’em up
Patch ’em up, load ’em on
Load ’em on, patch ’em up
Nerf ’em out, grind ’em in,
Grind ’em in, nerf ’em out,
Nerf ’em out, grind ’em in

So, Lord of the Rings Online is updating in the background at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Queues brothers.

  1. Gadget


    So are you actually on a mission from God?

    PS: you have some very strange captcha text. Today’s word was “turophile”, which I’m reliably informed refers to someone who loves cheese.

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