In a recent press release CCP announced the forthcoming announcement of their forthcoming MMO.

A CCP insider told our KiaSA reporter in an exclusively fabricated interview, that CCP had high hopes for the forthcoming announcement and that Hilmar Pètursson, Chief Executive Officer of CCP, would deliver a highly polished AAA speech.

In fact, it’s claims like this that make this one of the most significant announcements this week about a forthcoming announcement to announce a forthcoming MMO.

Rumours also have it that Blizzard are preparing an announcement to announce that they will soon be announcing an announcement revealing the date for their forthcoming announcement about an announcement detailing an all new announcement that will announce to players around the world just what announcements they can expect to see announced in the third quarter of 2009. World of Warcraft forums exploded with joy and speculation at just what the announced announcement would announce. Blizzard was unavailable for comment, but they did release an entirely fabricated press release to our KiaSA reporter which simply said “Got hype? Coming soon. 2009”.

More on this news story and others, as we make it up.

Reporting live for Oh MMO Emo News, I’m Melmoth Melmothson.

4 thoughts on “Hype²

  1. unwize

    The new issue of PC Gamer UK has an article called ‘Gaming’s Biggest Secrets – The games of 2010 and beyond’.

    So many announcements to look forward to being announced!

  2. Tesh

    Nice. I was content to smile and move on, but my Captcha word is “onioned”, which I just had to share. :)

  3. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    This is a comment about a comment I might make sometime in the future. Can you taste the anticipation?

    Actually, the content of this comment was canceled, because it would just be ignored by the people still too busy drooling over the SWTOR trailer.

  4. Hexedian

    All these announced announcements are just so confusing. They should announce the release of a calendar detailing all their future announced announcements, so people would know when to be ready to prepare to anticipate an announced announcement; otherwise, we’re quite left unprepared when announcements of announced announcements come knocking and we’re not mentally prepared to be announced something, perhaps, one day, in a distant future.

    See? Other people can be redundant too!

    *cue jokes about redundant redundancy*

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