In delay there lies no plenty.

For the record: the rumours that, whilst gathering inside information, our game industry mole surreptitiously scrawled “Don’t forget to add boars” on the Cryptic Studios master development whiteboard, thus causing the recent delay in release date for Champions Online, are entirely unsubstantiated.

2 thoughts on “In delay there lies no plenty.

  1. Cecil Philpot

    I would be bitterly, bitterly disappointed if I didn’t encounter a member of the species Sus scrofa within minutes of creating my first champion. How else is one supposed to establish one’s heroic mettle? Let’s face it, if you can’t handle a boar, you’ll be no match for the various ubervillains and archnemeses that await you.

  2. Stabs

    Unfortunately, little known to the scientists at Cryptic, there was a small spider trapped inside the boar creation field. The genetic properties of the spider were fused into the bodyshape of the boar creating:


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