Aural pleasure.

In case any readers are interested in listening to us blather for forty minutes or so in our so called ‘posh’ English accents (Zoso is exceedingly posh, I border on “Gor blimey Mahewy Poppins”), we were kindly allowed to intrude on the most recent episode of the VanHemlock podcast.

As an added bonus there’s also interactive audience input from our good friend PJ from

7 thoughts on “Aural pleasure.

  1. Stabs

    It’s Americans who think you two sound posh, right? I wonder why citizens of a classless society know or care.

  2. Melmoth

    I wonder if ‘posh’ is even the right word, it seems to be synonymous for ‘English’ with everyone who isn’t English.

    I can only imagine that trying to get me to be genuinely posh would be the real world equivalent to Pygmalion as filtered through the mind of American McGee.

  3. Dr Toerag

    A friend of mine moved to San Fransisco a few years ago. He had a strong Brummie accent, and they thought he sounded exactly like Prince Charles!
    On another note, when are we likely to hear Kiasacast #3? You’ve had a recent practice, time to broadcast, gentlemen!

  4. Stabs

    Think you should have recorded Kiasacast 3 while Jon and VH were over tbh, 2 birds, one stone etc.

    Hmm, today’s anti-spam word is “rude”. Is this an attempt to get me to type a rude word then blackmail me?

  5. Melmoth

    Alas, a lack of episode 3 is predominantly my fault.

    I’m insistent that there should be a segment where short furry bipedal bear-like creatures take over the show using sticks and rocks and then discuss MMOs in terms of “jub jub” and “bee-chah-wow-ah” in order to appeal to a younger audience, but Zoso isn’t having any of it.

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