KiaSA Records presents…

Rock on!

CD 1

1. Grind – Alice In Chains
2. I’m Bored – Iggy Pop
3. Get Your Grind On – The Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Big Pun, Fat Joe & Freeway
4. Bored – Deftones
5. We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time – Pantera
6. Bored Of Everything – ELLEGARDEN
7. The Grind – Aerosmith
8. It’s Easy To Get Bored – Helmet

CD 2

1. Slave To The Grind – Skid Row
2. I’m Bored – Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
3. The Grind Date – De La Soul
4. Bored Stiff – Every Time I Die
5. Daily Grind – Little Feat
6. Bored To Tears – Black Label Society
7. The Grind – Erykah Badu
8. Bored Stiff – Chas ‘N’ Dave
9. Grind Time – Chamillionaire

5 thoughts on “KiaSA Records presents…

  1. Zoso

    For ten bonus points, can anyone guess which two of those tracks I really do have on my iPod? Surprised Kajagoogoo’s “I Raided the Inevitable City for Nine Hours and all I got was this Lousy Green Axe” didn’t make the cut, though.

    @Hexedian Volume 2 starts with Public Enemy’s “Don’t Believe The Hype”.

  2. Zoso


    Actually, I’m tragically lacking any works of the Cockney bards, I should probably remedy that sometime…

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