Full resolution and damn the torpedos!

Thanks to the efforts of a snowplough, a military surplus aerosan, a couple of Sno-Cats and a team of huskies, a courier finally managed to traverse the 20 miles of blinding white tundra to deliver my new graphics card, hurrah! After LotRO and some other games ran tolerably well on the old card I’d shoved in as a temporary measure, I almost had second thoughts and contemplated making do with that for a while ’til a full PC upgrade, but then firing up Grand Theft Auto IV (which I hadn’t even tried on the old card, just in case it melted and left me entirely graphic-less) it was perfectly happy to rack the resolution up to 1680×1050, so I’m much happier now (obviously that’s only with “Medium” texture quality, I believe “High” requires the as-yet rarely seen Cross-Octo-SLI-fire, where you run four HD4870X2s and four GTX295s in a single rig). Only question now is: Fallout 3 or GTAIV? (Or LotRO while Welcome Back Week is still on, or WAR?) (Or Guitar Hero?) Hmm. Spider Solitaire it is!

2 thoughts on “Full resolution and damn the torpedos!

  1. Ysharros

    “blinding white tundra”

    You mean 60′ of slick Cambridge (or enter your city of choice) streets?

    I have been told all about the snow. I am jealous. It doesn’t snow in Texas. :(

    Oh, and FreeCell >>>>> SpiderSolitaire. Pffft.

  2. Zoso

    B’oh, knew I forgot to link something: http://twitpic.com/1aot7 was the back garden on Monday! Quite fun for a while, not so great now it’s a bit grey and slushy…

    FreeCell >>>>> SpiderSolitaire

    How *dare* you!

    OK, FreeCell’s not bad… Spider’s better though!

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