Boum, le graphics card fait boum

So I posted about how I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card for Grand Theft Auto IV, but decided against it as everything else was running fine. Well it’s funny how things never turn out quite the way you had them planned… Turned on the PC the other day to be greeted by strange graphical corruption, as it seems my 8800GTS has given up the ghost. Maybe it was the strain of running two screens; my old monitor had started blinking intermittently, not quite enough to warrant immediate replacement, but deeply annoying in the middle of games, and I finally got round to picking up a shiny new one in the January sales. I was wondering what to do with the old one when, plugging the new one in, I noticed the second DVI output on the card… so I was running a 3360 x 1050 desktop for a while, with Twitter, chat windows n’ stuff on the second monitor. Either way up, as I’d been looking at graphics cards anyway, seemed like A Sign to me, so I will be picking up a new card after all. I’ve gone for a Radeon 4850, not much of an upgrade, but it should tide me over, and it’ll be interesting to see if GTAIV runs any better…

6 thoughts on “Boum, le graphics card fait boum

  1. Zoso

    Ta, I’ll give those tweaks a try; I keep turning everything to minimum for really big keep fights, then forgetting to turn stuff back up again…

    And for everybody out there, this has been stuck in my brain since using the post title, so all together now… Boum! Quand notre coeur fait Boum!

  2. Ysharros

    Mad props for quoting Charles Trenet!

    I’d say Vive la France! but on a good British blog I would probably get flogged. (Though I have a right to, being “one of them” ;) )

  3. Zoso

    @Ysharros We’re a cosmopolitan, progressive Euro-friendly blog here. Though we may draw the line at actively viva-ing la France…

    @Tobold Yup, had a quick check, ta. Some people are getting pretty good framerates with 4850s, so be interesting to see if the card alone makes much difference or if the rest of my system’s really holding it back.

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