I’m Tier 8, and so’s my wife.

There are some new screenshots of the Tier 8 gear in World of Warcraft over at MMO Champion.

Tier 8. Tagline: Now you can look more like everyone else than ever before!

Hi! We’re Death Knights! Grr!

Hi hi! We’re Death Knights too! Grrrrr!

Oh wait, no. We’re Hunters. Although the guy on the end in red is probably a Death Knight. Grrr?

Good day to you, we’re all Magii. Magus. Mageses. Whatever.

Good day to you, we’re all Magii.

Oh lordy no, sorry. We’re priests. You see, because our ludicrous shoulders go ‘up then out’ rather than ‘down then across’. And we don’t wear a hat, because we’re wearing a face mask these days. Like a Rogue.

Well met! We’re druids.

Warlocks! I meant Warlocks. Ha ha ha, oh dear. Come on lads, we’d better get out of Moonglade.

Q: How do you tell if someone is a hardcore raider?

A: Easily. It’s telling them apart from all the other hardcore raiders that’s the tricky part.