Daily Archives: December 20, 2008

Thought for the day.

Anyone playing a healer in an MMO is perfectly adapted to being a fluffer in real life.

For example: there are always those melee DPS who charge in to an encounter and bang away for a short period of time until, before you know it, they’re spent, exhausted, and dropping to the floor limp from taking a severe beating, at which point the healer has to massage them into some semblance of life again and buff(!) them, after which the DPS can once again perform their heroic feats of flesh piercing and pounding.

So the next time that one of you DPS heroes decides to brag about how hard you are, don’t forget to thank your fluffer for keeping you standing proud on the field of battle. To pretend that you can perform many of your feats of endurance without a healer standing at your back is a fallacy (phallus-ee. See? It’s like… oh never mind).

I’m not saying that you should erect a statue to the healers you understand, it’s just that some of you could act like a little less like the perfect tool for a fluffer to operate on, if you catch my drift.


I’m insinuating that you are PENISES.