The frets! The frets! The frets are on fire!

After suggesting Van Hemlock try Frets on Fire in the absence of frankly ludicrous quantities of plastic instrumentation for a console, I took another look at it myself. I’d had a bit of a play a year ago, but after getting Guitar Hero III for the Wii hadn’t particularly bothered, and it’s come on quite a lot since then. There’s a fork, Frets on Fire X, with all sorts of extra fun like optional Rock Band or Guitar Hero-type configurations and support for drums and scrolling lyrics, so after getting that going I had another tinker with pairing a Wiimote with the PC to use the Wii guitar, and that worked an awful lot better than before as well, some hunting around for native drivers for my bluetooth dongle eliminated the need for any extra software past GlovePIE to map Wiimote inputs to keys, and either the new drivers or new version of Frets on Fire picked up the inputs much more smoothly. Next stop, fiddling around with the drums to see if they work as well, then maybe multiple inputs, and if I ever get bored of the World Tour songlist I’ll have no shortage of other stuff to play through. Nifty!