Richard Garriott’s Res Ipsa Loquitur.

So, apparently Richard Garriott’s House™ has, among other rooms, a multi-million dollar secret underground bunker where fellow genius MMO designer extraordinaire Brad McQuaid has been hiding all this time.

When asked to comment on the closure of Tabula Rasa Mr Garriott was heard to hiss, flick his cape around his shoulders and laugh as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

When the smoke cleared, an embarrassed Mr Garriott looked around sheepishly and was last seen running down a flight of stairs marked Richard Gariott’s Secret Genius Hideout for Geniuses™.

Questions as to whether Mark Jacobs will be joining the dynamic duo in their special sanctuary went unconfirmed, as were rumours that he was seen carrying a folder marked Richard Garriott’s Extraplanetary Emigration Plan™.

1 thought on “Richard Garriott’s Res Ipsa Loquitur.

  1. stark

    Crikey! Could you imagine what spawn those three could fester in a locked room for 5 years? Get Blizzard to do their QA and implement the right beta feedback the product should be above average.

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