Events tend to recur in cycles.

Having read posts in the MMO layer of the general blogosphere for some time, it is fairly clear that a cycle exists in the general posting consensus of the time, which goes a something like this:

1) Speculation on next great MMO based on imminence of release date.
2) Derivation/guesswork of game-play mechanics based on obscure developer forum posts.
3) Art style comparison with WoW.
4) Beta hype frenzy, including complaints about NDAs.
5) Positive reports on playing in the new MMO on day of release.
6) General raving about how great the MMO is. Someone mentions ‘WoW Killing’.
7) Initial grumblings about minor niggles with the game.
8) Major flaws highlighted, desperate backtracking over claims made in 6).
9) Unsubscribed from MMO; may return if the game improves in X number of ways.

Say we were at 9) about now, then the next thing that should happen is for us to return to 1).

On an unrelated note: another raft of bloggers seem to be quitting WAR for the time being, and has anyone else noticed the gradual increase in the number of blog posts talking about Chronicles of Spellborn?