Have I Got MMOnews For You

Host: And the final round is “Continue the Headline”. This week, teams, it’s from Aunty: “Scott Hamshere, from Bromley, should have been the first person in the UK with a copy of the game. He had started queuing at 6am and was the first in line. However, as the barriers were lifted, it was all too much, and he collapsed from exhaustion…”

Zoso: “…When interviewed, Mr Hamshere said “Wizard needs food badly!”.”

Melmoth: “…Mr Hamshere lay in the street for half an hour before the other queuers realised that he wasn’t in fact a Hunter feigning death.”

Zoso: “…The thirty nine people behind him were grateful for him taking Arthas’ alpha strike.”

Melmoth: “…Paramedics attributed the exhaustion to the fact that Mr Hamshere had been bouncing up and down on the spot and spinning around through three hundred and sixty degrees for four hours straight whilst shouting “LOOOOOL”.”

Zoso: “…Initial fears of a real world outbreak of the Corrupted Blood plague proved unfounded, and fortunately vital NPCs such as the HMV vendors and taxi masters were unaffected.”

Host: Goodnight!

Studio lights dim, theme tune plays.

4 thoughts on “Have I Got MMOnews For You

  1. Elf

    ‘Mr Hamshere said, “I couldn’t be more thrilled at having been through the quintessential experience of an MMORPG launch! I was stuck in a queue all day and then suffered lag death at the crucial moment”.’

  2. Zoso

    Definitely. We just need a host (I wonder if Boris Johnson’s free? I hear he loves games), a guest publication for the missing words round, some buzzers, and that bloke who does the voiceovers on University Challenge to announce “Killed in a smiling accident – Melmoth”. And a flask of weak lemon drink.

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