Samhain I am.

I was all set to write a post today updating you with the fascinating details that are my gaming life as it stands, to regale you with tales of new hardware, new games and more.

Instead I carved a pumpkin for tomorrow.


Still, you’ve got that fascinating post to look forward to now, haven’t you?

And before anyone asks, the bits hanging down in his mouth are indeed meant to be there; I’m going to pool the scooped-out innards in front of him and out of the side of his mouth there, so it looks like he’s being violently ill.

If you’re looking for the part where this is game related in any way, just imagine that he’s been trying to play Dead Space on the PC.

3 thoughts on “Samhain I am.

  1. mbp

    That’s one scary pumpkin Melmoth. Sadly there appears to be a shortage of the orange vegetable in these parts and I haven’t managed to buy one much to the chagrin of my kids. We shall have to make do with a tacky plastic version complete with electric light bulb :(

  2. Melmoth

    It’s my first one, and I’m still amazed that I got up off my bum and did something this year, must be because this is the first Halloween that mini-Melmoth is around for.

    And don’t despair, it’s not about the quality of your pumpkin, it’s all about the candy baby, as the kids of today say.

    Just before they steal all my candy.

  3. mbp

    I’m probably betraying my age here but when I were a lad we actually used to go door to door asking for “nuts or apples” at Halloween. Today if you try to offer the kids anything as healthy as a piece of fruit you would be laughed at.

    Our house has become a kind of Halloween central for the neighborhood. A party of nine under tens gathered here tonight to begin a determined forage around the neighborhood. Between them they brought back enough confectionery to stock a decent sized sweet shop.

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