Limited Van Eurohemlock Expo-dition 2008

Just a quickie before I head off for a few days from tomorrow; popped up to London today for the Eurogamer Expo and to meet up with assorted members of the Virgin Worlds collective and others. A splendidly game-tastic Expo which I’d suggest you head along to if you like that sort of thing, only the tickets are all sold out, so don’t. Inevitable heavy interest around the Big Games made them a bit difficult to play, but they generally look most impressive. There was even an MMO there! And one I’m rather interested in, Jumpgate: Evolution. Unfortunately, taking over a spaceship randomly flying around in space wasn’t the best way of being introduced to things, and I never found something to shoot. Looks pretty, though. For all the fun of the games, though, better still was heading off to the pub en masse and pontificating on Life, The Universe and Everything Connected With Games. Look out for the end results on a podcast near you, if the Recording Wizard can extract any usable audio, at which point we’ll find out that what seemed like an erudite deconstruction of the gaming industry as a whole was really just a load of people going “y’know wassh realllly good… that game with the… y’know… the thingsh, thash brilliant that”.

1 thought on “Limited Van Eurohemlock Expo-dition 2008

  1. Shuttler

    Great to meet you today and it was indeed a great lot of fun.

    Highlight of the day for me was watching Jon and VH play Little Big Planet!

    Oh and the crazy man on the tube, the wrong tube.

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