Daily Archives: October 26, 2008

NFL International Series: New Orleans Saints vs San Diego Chargers

After missing out on last year’s game (probably quite fortunately, as it turned into a pretty dismal low scoring rain-soaked affair), we picked up tickets for the Saints vs Chargers and headed in to Wembley. Great stadium, first time I’ve been there, and watching an NFL game live is fantastic. The games can go pretty slowly on television with all the ad breaks, the stoppages seem to go a bit quicker live. As predicted, the game was a shoot-out, both quarterbacks passing for over 300 yards, neither defence getting much of a pass rush going, so pretty spectacular to watch and plenty of touchdowns. San Diego didn’t do themselves any favours, being heavily penalised, but came back strongly at the end of the game before Rivers was intercepted to effectively finish things off. Great day out, and looking forward to seeing which two teams come over in 2009.