Thought for the day.

World of Warcraft has added a version of Bejeweled into the game, presumably to help players while away those unavoidable tedious moments of game-play such as flights between zones; waiting for a boat or zeppelin to arrive; raiding. Everquest has long had its card game Legends of Norrath, presumably to give players something to do while they watch their Evercraft macro increase their character’s craft skill for them.

However, all MMOs have the elements required for a simple yet fun sub-game built in to them by default. Ladies and gentlemen and nondescript transgender individuals, I present to you MMO Top Trumps!

Consider it for a moment. Your character has all the stats required to play the game: strength, intellect, armour, defence, dps, health, mana; enough stats to make a hardcore Top Trumper squeal with joy and become moist at the choice. Players could build decks using members of their guild, say, and then battle against other people they meet out in the world, with the winner adding the defeated player’s Top Trump card (which I imagine could be easily calculated based on a combination of all the stats, with various sensible weightings applied to each) to their deck. That’s not all though, because your deck would not only change as you won other players’ cards, but when the characters which the cards represent level-up or gain new items of gear; the cards stats would change to match the new and improved character stats!

Just watch out if you’re playing on a role-play server though, because it’ll be an embarrassing defeat when you draw your Top Trump card only to find out that the character it represents has switched to their statless casual role-play evening wear of tiara, ball gown and crystal slippers.

Especially when the player character the card represents is Mad Gorgonoth, Barbarian Lord of the Seven Hells.