Daily Archives: October 9, 2008


The only problem with Tobold’s idea to have MMOs play like the Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books, is that some poor developer has got to invent a way for the players to be able to simulate using their fingers to mark five or six different pages, such that that they can go back to previous decisions when they don’t like where the story is taking them; such as into a deep pit of spiky death.

And how would this affect PvP?

Player1: “Ha, haaaa! Critical hit!”

Player2: “Yeah? Well, I’m going back to page 71, and instead of choosing ‘If you dodge to the right, go to page 127’, I’ll pick ‘If you dodge to the left, go to page 1145’. So now I’ve dodged your blow. Ha!”

Player1: “Oh YEAH? Well, instead of picking ‘If you swing your sword in a broad arc to the left, go to page 276’, I’m going back to page 389 and choosing ‘If you kick your opponent squarely in the nuts, go to page 413’. So take that!”

Player2: “Ooooof. Awww <pant> now you’ve made me <gasp> drop my book and lose my place.”

Player1: “Woo! Winnah! And now I’m choosing ‘If you decide to teabag your opponent while stealing their equipment, go to page 1337.’ Let’s see now… 1334… 1335… 1336…”

Player2: “…”

Player1: “1337”

Player2: “Nooooooooooooo!”