Send three and fourpence.

Just how big is the Warhamer Online Collector’s Edition box?

No seriously, that’s not rhetorical, how big is it? It’s just that it turned up this morning, I decided to circumnavigate around it and I’m still going; I think I’m somewhere in East Asia because there are orangutans hanging from the trees over there.

Just in case people think I’m exagerating that it’s big (ok, I am exagerating for effect; I’m allowed, it’s what I do) here’s a comparison with a Wii and a 47″ LCD TV:

6 thoughts on “Send three and fourpence.

  1. Melmoth

    Oh if you insist, let me just hook out my dancing clogs.

    (Incidentally it was because reinforcements arrive in WAR tomorrow, the 18th, for it is time to unleash the masses!)

  2. Modran

    Yeah, i’m sure you just wanted to show off your Wii and 47″ LCD TV ;).
    I’ve died more than a few time laughing while reading your blog, please, sir, do continue !

  3. Melmoth

    I couldn’t decide whether to put it next to the TV or the Ferrari. You know how it is.

    Honestly it was the first comparison I had easily at hand that could be setup without too much fuss, as I was rather keen to get into WAR.

    Glad you enjoy the blog, thanks for the kind compliment.

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