Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Apparently NCSoft is adding day jobs for heroes and villains in update 13 for the City of Heroes/Villains franchise.

Is it just me that pictures a bunch of hideously over-muscled heroes crouched over tiny desks like Mr Incredible in The Incredibles, all tapping away at keyboards, writing blog posts, browsing their super group forums and pondering over spreadsheets showing their latest character build? Because that seems to be the day job of many MMO players, from what I’ve seen of the united federation of MMO bloggers.

And as for villains with a day job? By day Dr. World-Eater arranges flowers in his small boutique on Pleasant Boulevard, The Beastmaster owns a small pet hotel and Croznar the Slayer of Innocents works at the till in a fast food restaurant.