We have all the time in the world

I’m totally hooked on Mass Effect at the moment, really enjoying it. Exploring the galaxy, Killing evil constructs a-plenty, Achieving the Achievements and Socialising with NPCs (particularly a couple of members of the crew, if you know what I mean), it ticks all the boxes. It strikes a nice balance, giving enough side quests and options that you don’t feel you’re totally on rails without being so open that you’re overwhelmed with choice. While the side quests are entirely optional I’m always drawn to them just in case there’s some especially shiny reward, which can lead to some slightly odd situations plot-wise: “Commander, the GALAXY is in MORTAL PERIL and TIME is of the ESSENCE! You must find the EVIL MASTERMIND with ALL SPEED before he DESTROYS US ALL! Oh, and some cult has gone a bit mad, there’s maybe twenty or thirty people in mild peril on some godforsaken planet nobody cares about.” “Really? Mild peril you say? Sounds like loot to be had, call the Evil Mastermind and tell him to hold off on the galactic destruction, I’ll be round later…”

2 thoughts on “We have all the time in the world

  1. Sphexish

    Ah, the beloved side-quest. Always plentiful and abundant no matter which form of RPG you play.

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