What MMOGs have you played?

A question for you, faithful reader, as a bit of data gathering to test a theory: what MMOGs have you played (in approximate chronological order, if it’s not too much trouble), and how long did you play them for (very roughly)? If you started with Meridian 59 and/or Ultima Online and have played everything since, feel free to go with edited highlights.

As a starter for ten, my MMOGing goes something like:

City of Heroes – 48 months and counting[1]
World of Warcraft – 14 months[2]
Auto Assault – 3 months[3]
Guild Wars – 2 months[4]
Dungeons and Dragons Online – 1 month
EVE (trial) – 14 days
Second Life – couple of days
Lord of the Rings Online – 2 months
Star Wars Galaxies (trial) – 10 days
Tabula Rasa (beta) – couple of days
Pirates of the Burning Sea (beta) – couple of days
Hellgate: London – 1 month
Age of Conan – 1 month

[1] Two main stints, first for the original release in 2004, then City of Villains in 2005-6
[2] Two main stints, first for the original release in 2005, then The Burning Crusade in 2007
[3] Technically was released after Guild Wars and DDO, but I’d been in beta and and off for about a year before that
[4] Total time spent on a couple of attempts at the original campaign then one of the expansions at various points over a few years

8 thoughts on “What MMOGs have you played?

  1. Guido

    Discworld MUD (not technically a MMO), 12 months
    World of Warcraft, 36 months (from release until this year some time)
    Tabula Rasa, 2 months
    Hellgate: London, 1 month
    EVE, 1 day (till I was bored)
    Age of Conan, 1 month and counting

    That’s it, I’ll hang my head in shame for not having played more.

  2. Melmoth

    Phantasy Star Online – 6 months
    Dark Age of Camelot – 14 months
    Asheron’s Call 2 – 4 months
    Final Fantasy XI – 6 months
    Star Wars Galaxies – 4 months
    City of Heroes – 40 months
    World of Warcraft – 42 months
    Guild Wars – 10 months
    DnD Online – 1 month
    RF Online – 1 week
    Lord of the Rings Online – 3 months
    EVE Online – 1 month
    Everquest 2 – 1 month
    Hellgate: London – 1 month
    Age of Conan – 1 month

    There are probably a few more, for brief stints, but I think that list is embarrassing enough as it is.

  3. Stargazer

    Hmm it seems my prior comment didn’t make it to the press, so I’ll try again.

    Ultima Online – 1 month
    Everquest – 2 months
    Anarchy Online – 5 months
    Neocron – 1 hour
    Star Wars Galaxies – 9 months
    Guild Wars – 2 months
    Linage II – 1 month
    City of Heros – 2 weeks
    Jumpgate – 1 day
    Eve Online (trial) – 5 days
    DnD Online (trial) – 30 minutes
    A Tale In The Desert – 10 minutes
    RF Online (trial) – 7 minutes
    World of Warcraft – 14 months

    I might not be completely right on the chronological part of it, or perhabs even of the length of time played, but that is my list never the least.

  4. Elf

    World of Warcraft – 40 months and continuing.
    City of Heroes/Villains – 2 months and continuing.
    EVE Online – 2 weeks and about to be continued.

    This is all on a Mac, so not much choice for games.

  5. Zoso

    Thanks for the feedback folks. No shame in that list, Guido, it’s a good selection; I think a slightly over-zealous spam filter ate your first comment, Stargazer, it’s been sent to bed with no dinner and made to promise not to do it again. 7 minutes in RF Online, huh? Maybe I should try and find a free trial somewhere just to experience it…

    Hurray for Crossover Games, now Mac-istas can join the eternal slightly dissatisfied flitting from game to game.

    Bit more tinkering with my theory, and then I’ll unleash it upon an unsuspecting world…

  6. Jon

    Hmm, can I remember that far back?

    Ultima Online. Probably a year or so
    Anarchy Online. 6 months?
    Star Wars Galaxies. Probably only a few months, but seemed like a lifetime at the time.
    Final Fantasy XI: A week!
    Jumpgate: About 2 weeks
    EQ2: 6 months
    WoW: 12 months
    Planetside: Several months spread over the years.
    LOTRO: 3 months or so, so far.
    AoC: Nearly a month, continuing is to be decided in the show this week.
    Eve Online: 5 years so far

    Hang on, those numbers don’t add up as I always have at least 2 on the go.

  7. Stargazer

    I think it will be hard to find a free trial for the now free to play RF Online. I only played it for 7 minutes, or something to that extend, because the tutorial was really bad and the npc interaction seemed broken; In the tutorial you couldn’t skip ahead, you had to listen to their bable in order to advance and they started by showing you how to set the gamma level for you monitor and then moved on to setting the lighting [skip]. I eventually managed to steer my character over to one of the npcs standing nearby and was presented with a few options, one of them being [quest]. Selecting said [quest] resulted in the termination of the conversation… Impressively enough it even resulted in the complete uninstallation of RF Online on my computer.

  8. Jason

    WoW – 4 years before I quit
    EVE Online – 4 months and counting
    SWG – 10 months till SOE killed it with nerfs
    FFXI – 3 years
    Tabula Rasa – 2 days in beta
    LoTRO – A week of beta, a week of launch
    Lineage II – 5 minutes.
    Fury – 10 minutes.
    Pirates of the Burning Sea – 20 minutes
    City of Heroes – A couple days.
    Hellgate London – a week or so.

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