Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

What MMOGs have you played?

A question for you, faithful reader, as a bit of data gathering to test a theory: what MMOGs have you played (in approximate chronological order, if it’s not too much trouble), and how long did you play them for (very roughly)? If you started with Meridian 59 and/or Ultima Online and have played everything since, feel free to go with edited highlights.

As a starter for ten, my MMOGing goes something like:

City of Heroes – 48 months and counting[1]
World of Warcraft – 14 months[2]
Auto Assault – 3 months[3]
Guild Wars – 2 months[4]
Dungeons and Dragons Online – 1 month
EVE (trial) – 14 days
Second Life – couple of days
Lord of the Rings Online – 2 months
Star Wars Galaxies (trial) – 10 days
Tabula Rasa (beta) – couple of days
Pirates of the Burning Sea (beta) – couple of days
Hellgate: London – 1 month
Age of Conan – 1 month

[1] Two main stints, first for the original release in 2004, then City of Villains in 2005-6
[2] Two main stints, first for the original release in 2005, then The Burning Crusade in 2007
[3] Technically was released after Guild Wars and DDO, but I’d been in beta and and off for about a year before that
[4] Total time spent on a couple of attempts at the original campaign then one of the expansions at various points over a few years