A man’s character is his fate

In the four years since City of Heroes launched, nobody’s managed to rival its utterly magnificent character customisation. Just the other day I got a second costume slot for my Arachnos Soldier, popped along to the Facemaker to quickly sort out a new costume, and nine and a half hours later emerged blinking into dawn’s early light having deliberated for quite some time over whether the goatee really worked with the skull mask or not. Most recently Age of Conan has a fairly promising array of sliders and options at character creation which let you do a pretty decent job when zoomed in peering closely at yourself in a skimpy pair of shorts, but make approximately bugger all difference once you’re standing next to twenty other people wearing generic chainmail with a tin bowl on your head.

APB, though. Oh my, APB. I just saw the APB character generator on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. If that’s really what we get to play with, frankly I don’t care about the rest of the game. I don’t care if there *is* a rest of the game, the camera could just pan around the newly created character for the rest of time to the sound of Massive Attack and I’d still buy it.