Take off your hat to your yesterdays.

I received an email this afternoon when I got home that contained the code granting early access for, and subsequent rhinoplasty of, my characters in Age of Conan. Or something. It’s definitely got something to do with horns, at least. Or maybe that was getting the horn? Must be all the mature boobies in the game. Not sure what the sexual attraction of antiquated seabirds is, but I suppose that there are stranger things in the worlds of Robert Ervin Howard.

So that’s it. Strapped in, locked down, doors to automatic, turbines to power, all systems are green for go. F.A.B. All ready for the take off of Age of Conan. I’ve given up reading the general bloggerama because there’s no real firm information. Vanguard looked like a train wreck in the making from day one. Age of Conan seems more like Pirates of the Burning Sea in this case: it could go either way, and nobody is really sure which. But there’s more drama in soothsaying doom.

So it’s just a case now of gripping on to the armrests, singing the Golden Grahams song and waiting for the g-force of launch to kick in, followed by the rickety rockety ride through the atmosphere, and then either the weightless elation of orbiting through the gaming heavens, or plunging back to earth in a crimson ball of pure forum-ite flame.

Oh, those Golden Grahams.
Oh, those Golden Grahams.
Crispy, crunchy, Graham cereal,
brand new breakfast treat.

2 thoughts on “Take off your hat to your yesterdays.

  1. Melmoth

    I’m torn at the moment. I don’t think the price for the three day head start is enough to deter many people, so I was thinking that I’d probably skip it in the hope that come launch day things will be a little quieter in the starter areas. However, it’s likely that the starter areas will be just as busy if not more so on launch day. Hoom hrum.

    Maybe I’ll create a spreadsheet and work out the optimal time to start the game, which will probably end-up being two o’clock in the morning, or the middle of the day when I’m supposed to be at work…

    …three years from now.

    Maybe I’ll just let you go in early and see what it’s like. It’s a tough sacrifice, but I’m willing to let you make it.

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