Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

> Open the can of worms

If you subscribe to any gaming-type-news feeds, I imagine you saw that some work on the sequel to Infocom’s Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text adventure had been unearthed. While Quite Interesting in and of itself, the rest of the world had already re-blogged it more than adequately.

As RPS pointed out on Sunday, though, things got more interesting still with the comments it attracted, from pretty much all the (living) dramatis personæ (Douglas Adams sadly failed to chip in… FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE), opening the titular can of worms slightly, though everyone seems happy enough by the end of it. Easy to miss in the ruckus is a comment from Yoz containing a link to an excellent audio file of Steve Meretzky and Michael Bywater that’s well worth a listen (at least, it’s excellent as far as I’ve got, I apologise if the end turns out to be rubbish, but I doubt it).

In one of those “t’ch, small world, eh?” coincidences, I presume it’s the same Yoz who I recall from playing Mornington Crescent on the Delphi server while I should’ve been doing university assignments. T’ch, small world, eh?