Blog roll.

I have mentioned in the past that I am somewhat of an alt-a-holic when it comes to my game characters. Be they MMO based, single player RPG or otherwise, as long as there’s a way to customise a character then I’ll need to re-roll at some point, usually it’s because I find the dot product relationship between the eyebrow vectors to be sub-optimal, or some other desperately important trifling niggle. I can’t explain it, like crop circles, it just is.

However, it occurred to me this morning that I recently re-rolled my blog.

It would seem that the disease is spreading. I begin now to wonder whether I am the singularity for a world-wide epidemic, the focus point from which a wave of alternative zombies will spread out and ravage the Earth with indecision.

Or maybe alternative mummies, yeah I like mummies better.

No, wait! Make them werewolves. Yeah. An army of werewolves would be awesome.

Hmm, maybe I should just stick with my original zombie main. I know, I’ll create one of each and see how they get on. Whichever one destroys England the quickest is the one that I’ll stick with and use to destroy the rest of the world. That’s it! That’s the plan.

Although vampires would be pretty cool…

2 thoughts on “Blog roll.

  1. sean

    felching? omg…that is the anti-spam word I had to type…I didn’t know what it meant until I googled it..and uh…that is pretty messed up…
    Anyway, the point of the comment, yeah, I know what you mean, the reinventing and rerolling seems to be something I have to keep control of myself, as far as zombies, werewolves, mummies or vampires, why not let them all take over the world? As long as there is no felching involved I will be glad to support it. :)

  2. Melmoth

    Ah. Yes. My fault. Zoso did warn me to remove that one but I forgot (maybe on purpose, this time).

    Just in my defence, the words for the captchas were taken from this sketch from the wonderful Fry and Laurie.

    I should probably remove that one though.

    Or not.

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