Daily Archives: March 21, 2008

Renegade master.

Back once again with the ill behaviour.

I returned from a business trip last night; long hours, delighted customers, huge traffic jams as you’re trying to drive home after a rather choppy flight. It’s all good fun.

I fired-up the ol’ Google Reader this morning to be greeted by 250-odd posts, so there was a good hour or so lost there as I tried to catch up. Apparently Arthur C Clarke died, who knew? Thank the blogosphere for the ten thousand posts about this, otherwise I might have missed it like I missed the death of Gary Gygax, surely at least one person would have posted about that? (For those of you reading in black and white, that last sentence was painted in glorious Technisarcasm ®).

A quick peruse of my web-comic list next, which I try to read as regularly as possible; currently I’m reading Penny Arcade, VG Cats, xkcd, Chainmail Bikini, Perry Bible Fellowship, Looking for Group, The Order of the Stick & Dark Legacy.

And now I’m writing this post. After which, seeing as it’s a bank holiday weekend and the weather is quite nice outside, I should go and do something productive.

Like a five man instance run in WoW. Or watching the episodes of Dexter that I’ve recorded.