Hi, friend.

Ahhh, the wonders of spam, specifically that relating to atomic number 79. Such consummate use of the English language to convey golden messages of wealth and prosperity to their captivated, and captive, audience. Take the following example, the like of which would make Keats and Wordsworth flush with embarrassment that they had ever dared attempt prose, having now existed in the presence of the writings of the Lord God himself, made visible to the weeping, unworthy eyes of man:

Dear players: Website [www.wearemorons.eu] gold price EUR 0.02/G, delivers goods the speed to be quick, what do you also hesitate? Please heartily purchase.

I must try making a hearty purchase some time. “Ho, ho, ho, noble shop keep! A flagon of your finest Diet Dr Pepper, and for the exchange of which I shall thrust upon you this note to the value of five of the Queen’s pounds sterling! Huzzah!”

If you hear about a strange man being arrested in London on charges of ‘unnerving a serving member of the public with abstruse verbiage’ in the next few days, give me a wave.

Do feel free to share any comedy marketing lines from your favourite game.