Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

I can’t think for you, you’ll have to decide

In the crazy world of smartphones/PDAs/general gadget-type things you hold in your hand (I quite like “Mobile Internet Device”, the term mooted for some future devices based around new Intel chips, though “MID” is a particularly dull TLA) the iPod Touch, the phoneless iPhone, was the answer to my prayers. Out of the box, not perfect, but so long as a few third party applications could be installed, it should be just the job. It’s very similar to the iPhone, after all, on which people are installing applications like mad application-installing-people (after overflowing a couple of buffers and generally poking around where man was not intended to poke (no, not there, you filthy minded person)), so third party stuff aplenty will be available for the iPod Touch, right?

Maybe not… OK, it’s still early days, but where I thought Apple’s approach might be “oh no, you can’t install third party applications WINK WINK, no siree bob, certainly not if you HAPPEN TO RUN THIS INSTALLER PROGRAM THING lordy where did that come from?”, it seems they’re slightly more “no, you can’t install third party applications AND I’M NOT WINKING, or even shouting the word ‘WINK’, or performing any other actions that may in any way suggest the words I am speaking are not the literal and direct truth”. And without a few installable 3rd party apps for, say, eBook reading, note taking etc., the iPod Touch goes from being a total PDA replacement to an MP3 player that can replace a PDA when in WiFi range. Bah and furthermore humbug.

While the iPod Touch becomes less appealing, feverish speculation is coming from the world of Nokia Internet Tablets with FCC documents that hint at the arrival of an N800 with built-in GPS/the promised WiMax version of the N800/a totally new Internet Tablet/a giant piece of toast with magical powers. I dunno, just as you think you’ve gone and made a decision, everything changes again. It’s a tough life, being a user of general gadget-type things you hold in your hand…