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The voluble Elf has tagged me, and I can never resist a jolly good memeing, especially from friends.

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including my current job):

  • Level 37 sandwich filling crafter.
  • Level 14 filing clerk.
  • Level 17 office furniture installer.
  • Level 21 teacher’s assistant.

All summer jobs I’m afraid; I’ve been at my current job since, well, forever really.

Four films I have watched again and again:

  • V for Vendetta.
  • Gladiator.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Valmont.

Like most people, I expect, there are several more films I could list here, so I’ve tried to pick a representative sample.

Four places I have lived:

  • Leeds, England.
  • Various places
  • In the county of
  • Kent, England.

I lived in Leeds when I went to university there. Other than that, I’ve stayed pretty close to home.

Four Programmes I love to watch:

  • Battlestar Galactica.
  • Heroes.
  • Firefly.
  • The Mighty Boosh.

Again, there are plenty of others both new and old, but this is a set of those that I’ve watched relatively recently and enjoyed tremendously.

Four Places I have been on vacation:

  • Hawaii.
  • Dubai.
  • Venice.
  • San Francisco.

I think San Francisco is still my favourite place, although Venice is a close second.

Four of my favourite foods:

  • Beef Wellington.
  • Risotto.
  • Saffron cake.
  • Gypsy tart.

I like food. This is barely a pebble on the peak of the food mountain of my victual desires.

Four favourite drinks:

  • Port (Warre’s Otima is divine).
  • Tea.
  • Bitter (Waggledance is a favourite).
  • Elderflower cordial/juice.

This makes me sound like a drunkard fop. Which might be accurate.

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • In a cottage in the Lake District, writing a book.
  • On a manned mission to Mars.
  • Diving in the Red Sea.
  • On stage at Shakespeare’s Globe.

And I’d also like a pony.

Four People I Command to Do This:

Not so much command, as extend the embracing arm of memefulness. I’m only allowed four, so I’ve tried to pick people who haven’t been tagged and have commented here. Apologies to anyone who might have wanted to do it. And apologies to those tagged who don’t want to do it. Maybe you can all get together, swap out the people who don’t want to do it with those who do, and then send fax confirmation in triplicate to me, and I… ah bugger it, it’s just a meme.

As the wise Yoda once said:

“Do, or do not. I don’t give a toss, and I’ll be dead in the next installment anyway.”

Or something.

Four by four, they turn it some more

So I got tagged up by an Elf, and although this stuff seems indescribably dreary and I can’t imagine anyone being particularly interested (except maybe fraudsters gathering information for password-unlocking security questions, though I’d’ve expected more questions like “Four maiden names of my mother” and “Four favourite passwords used for online banking” if they were the originator), I was off for the weekend so don’t have anything else to particularly blog about. Off we go, then…

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including my current job):

  • Aside from the obligatory paper round, they’ve all been deeply fascinating and involved computers since developing databases at school

Four Films I have watched again and again:

Four places I have lived:

  • Wiltshire
  • Devon
  • Coventry
  • Surrey

Four Programmes I love to watch:

  • Doctor Who
  • The IT Crowd
  • Lost
  • Mythbusters

Four Places I have been on vacation:

  • Antigua
  • Barbados
  • Dublin
  • France

Four of my favourite foods:

  • Thai green curry
  • Nasi goreng
  • Rogan josh
  • Roast lamb

Four favourite drinks:

  • Sirop de menthe
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla coke
  • Vimto

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • Watching question 4
  • Eating question 5
  • Drinking question 6
  • All the above

I tag nobody else, either because I believe pernicious memes shouldn’t be propegated, or I can’t find four people in the entire blag-u-spore who haven’t done it yet.


It was a fairly humdrum weekend in the Melmoth household with respect to gaming. I continued to level my ‘Thief of’ characters in City of ComicbookclichĂ©s, but singularly failed to meet any of the fellows of our super-group over the weekend; there is an indicator in the super-group window of when people had last played their character, and it seems that we’ve all been active at one time or another in the same day but never at the same time. Perhaps we need to implement a Justice Calendar which, when attached to the Freedom Fridge with the Magnet of Emancipation, would schedule crime fighting in a single badly scrawled entry.

“Batman, remember we’re fighting the Joker tonight at 7pm. Love and kisses, Robin.”

“Appointment with Dr Doom at 4.30pm. Remember to take stool sample. To fling at him. Johnny.”


Soloing in CoH is manageable, but the real fun comes from teaming with others. Extra bonus fun points if those people are competent folk whom you know, rather than pick-up group nutters.

In a fit of desperately wanting to play a bearded dwarf with a big axe and adventure in strange forested lands where orcs roam, I once again subscribed to Lord of the Rings Online for a month to see if I could get back into that. After a installing the game from the disks and then downloading and patching several gargantuan updates, my kilt-wearing dwarf was once more smoking a pipe in the Prancing Pony and enjoying the role-playing atmosphere:

“And he said. And then she said. And then he said that she said.”

“Hello! U looks nice, wanna come back to my room??????/”

“Lord Darkbrooding looks brooding. And dark. In a cool dark and brooding way.”

“And I said to them ‘you’re not in our special club of very excellent people’ and then I stabbed them.”

“Arrgghh! I’m covered in bees!”

That last one was me after five minutes of listening to ‘deep’ and ‘meaningful’ discussions: always be sure to throw in random Eddie Izzard quotes to liven the incredibly oppressive atmosphere of role-playing environs. It’s the law.

I picked-up play with my dwarf guardian who is in his late twenties, and made my way to the North Downs since I had a few solo quests there; I had considered diving straight into a pick-up group in one of the instances available to my character at that level, but thought that perhaps spending a few minutes learning what all those buttons on the screen were for was perhaps the more sensible course of action. After many, many minutes of meanderings, like some sort of peripatetic loot basket, I finally reached the fields of Fornost where I had been charged with the task of killing bears. Oh well, I guess it’s fractionally better than boars; I recalled shortly thereafter that I killed boars in the previous quest. Sigh. Four minutes of running around like a loon trying to find bears found my character stuck on a seemingly moderate slope in the landscape; a known bug, that one would think would have been fixed by now. The only way to escape the jaws of the adventurer-grasping landscape is to use the /stuck command which returns you to your last bound point, in my case the Prancing Pony where I started off some thirty minutes of faffing around ago. There was nothing to do but to type /stuck and wait to warp all the way back to where I started. Whilst I waited for the unstuckness to occur (for which there was no countdown timer to be seen) a mob decided to spawn nearby; a ranged mob, who immediately decided that I looked like fair game, and started plinking away at my health bar. I could do nothing in the meantime, other than spin on the spot in a manner which I hoped conveyed my extreme anger and annoyance at this cowardly attack, in some fanciful effort to convince the mob that attacking me was going to lead to its painful demise just as soon as I’d taken the ten minutes to run back to where it was. It was now a race, with the stuck command ticking away in the background, would it trigger before the mob finished me off? Was the stuck command even working? Maybe I’d mistyped it, and I wasn’t in fact about to escape at all. I went to type the command again to make sure, but was then struck by the thought that this might reset the timer, if it was indeed counting down, and thus leaving me with longer to wait before death or unstuckness took hold. It was while I was in the grip of the complex moral decision of whether to type the stuck command again or just bugger it all and go and get a packet of crisps, that I warped back to the Prancing Pony with a modest fraction of health left. Faced with the run all the way back to the fields of Fornost or logging off and eating crisps until everything started to take on the semblance of potato, I took the salty baked saturated fat option.

Suffice it to say that the above experience didn’t sate my need to get all medieval dwarf on some critters’ arses, so I popped my head back into World of Warcraft, rolled a dwarf alt and burned through the first ten levels of content there. Ahhhhhh. Those first ten levels in World of Warcraft are the salty baked saturated fat taste sensation of the MMO levelling world, high in monosodium glutamate and everything.

Other than that, the weekend was predominantly taken up with doing Other Things. Reading, catching up on various TV series that I have on DVD, and generally not sitting at my computer for four or five hours straight. I hope a decent MMO hits the stores soon, because otherwise I might get used to this variety which is spicing up the grand MMO of Life and find it more addictive than playing any virtual grind. Heck, next weekend I plan on taking a look at this thing that you Earth people call ‘outside’.