Be wary of men wielding dead languages.

I hadn’t really thought about preparing a review for Tabula Rasa because reviews from several other bloggers are already out there, and say pretty much all there is to say; if I were going to write about the game I’d try to put a humorous spin on it, but I’m afraid that I’m not seeing one. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of jokes to be had, but they’re not the light-hearted ribbings that belong here.

I was, however, listening to the ol’ iPodule this morning, and the lyrics to one of the songs became slightly warped in my mind – Warped mind? Me? – and seemed apt:

Lost in time I can’t count the words,
I said when I thought they went unheard
All of those harsh thoughts so unkind,
‘cos I wanted you.

And now I sit here, I’m all alone,
So here sits a bloody mess, tears fly home,
A circle of errors, seen before,
‘cos I wanted you.

Weak as I am, won’t sub. to you.
Weak as I am, won’t sub. to you.
Deep as I am, I’m no-one’s fool.
Weak as I am.

— The ‘Inferno review of Tabula Rasa’ version of Weak, by Skunk Anansie

They touted Tabula Rasa as a blank slate, as in a fresh start; what they seemed to forget is that Tabula Rasa is also the new mind in its primary state, before it receives any of the impressions and understanding gained from experience.

Tabula Rasa indeed, then.

3 thoughts on “Be wary of men wielding dead languages.

  1. heather (errantdreams)

    What an incredibly succinct and eloquent review! You know, you’re not supposed to actually be so effective when you’re simply being funny. It’s against the rules or something. I’m sure it’s in there, rule number 85b paragraph c: when being clever, Melmoth is not allowed to also be succinct, eloquent, and correct.

  2. Melmoth

    Sorry, I’ve only just finished emptying all the bread in the house into the bath, pouring in a tub of washing liquid and then standing in there whilst singing O Fortuna.

    As I explained, such comments are deeply appreciated, but my puny mind is not quite equipped to deal with such.

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