Daily Archives: September 11, 2007

Thought for the day.

If real life had an MMO UI overlaid, what would it look like to you? How would it affect your life?

  • I’d probably have low health, but high mana.
  • My bag slots would be nearly full all the time.
  • Most slots would be taken up with chargers for electronic devices.
  • I’d be able to scroll back through previous conversations with my boss and prove that I didn’t agree to work thirty hours of overtime this week, or any week for that matter.
  • Never be caught short! I would know exactly when I was next going to need to go to the toilet based on that ability’s cool-down.
  • Based on the tooltip information from the debuff icons present, I would be able to tell exactly what illness I was suffering from and instruct the doctor accordingly.
  • People wouldn’t be able to sneak up on me because I would see them approaching on my mini-map.
  • My bank balance would be available, so I’d always know if I could afford to buy that shiny new gadget. Not that that stops me at the moment.
  • Road rage incidents could be avoided as you’d be able to con other drivers nearby.
  • If someone fell over in front of you, you’d know whether they’d hurt themselves badly by the small text number floating up the centre of your vision.
  • You’d never lose the kids on a family outing, because you’d see their group portrait fade when they went out of range, and you could find them by highlighting said portrait and following the big friendly arrow at the top of your vision.
  • Hand-written shopping lists would be a thing of the past: just follow the quest objectives in your tracker
  • Sex would become slightly more mundane, as you’d know when the magic moment was going to happen by watching your cast bar. However, women would have a harder time faking because men could ‘enable enemy cast bar’.
  • If your wife sees you smirk at that last one, you would at least have a pop-up option that allowed you to resurrect at the nearest shrine…