Daily Archives: September 10, 2007

Rest for the wicked

I’ve been having a bit of a rest from MMOs for the last month or so. When not on holiday, I’ve been playing Bioshock, Medieval II: Total War and Wii Sports. I fired up the Tabula Rasa beta, and it looks lovely. All very polished, smooth, great graphics, fast paced rootin’ tootin’ gunslinging action, got up to level three or four or something, and… just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm really. As the quote goes, “Sign me up for ennui. Or not. Whatever.”

Hopefully by taking a break, I’ll be able to return, renewed and refreshed, for something like Pirates of the Burning Sea or Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. In the meantime, the folly of over-specificness in blog naming has become somewhat apparent, but never mind eh?