Back once again

So! Holidays are over, PC’s fixed, it’s back to work, gaming and blogging. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!1! Or possibly not.

Actually, it looks like work might be going a bit crazy for a while, which might well cut back on time for the other two, but we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, gaming-wise, I’ve been playing rather a lot of Bioshock the past couple of days. I’d actually got it before heading off on the most recent holiday, but rather irritatingly it totally failed to start with a good old “Windows has encountered a problem…” type message before anything had even loaded. A quick poke around the tech support forums, installation of the latest beta nVidia drivers, installation of some drivers for the new dual-core processor… still nothing. Then another thread suggested there might be a conflict with GOM Player, so I uninstalled that, and away it went, Bioshocktastic!

It’s an amazing game, structurally very similar to the System Shock games (unsurprisingly), with you as the protagonist dropped into a utopia-turned-nightmare, guided by audio transmissions, fighting twisted medical experiments. The atmosphere is incredible, particularly the sound, haunting period music echoing around the corridors, splicer’s deranged mutterings… just incredible.