Thought for the day.

Consider Earth as an MMO for the Gods, with our lives controlled by their fickle whim, and the day-to-day grind of life played out through us for the entertainment of these inconceivable supreme beings.

What would their forums look like?

5 thoughts on “Thought for the day.

  1. Melmoth

    I’d put money on there being plenty of complaints about the unsatisfactory state of the end-game.

  2. Van Hemlock


    I’ve been playing ‘Life’ since pre-pre-beta and even back then was posting that Permadeath is a bad idea! Now I’ve had enough!

    Last night I was raiding with my level 56 Accounts Executive toon and we were mid-way through the Sales Forecasting Meeting Instance when he just died because of some BS ‘Heart Attack’ debuff!

    Now I have to start all over again from scratch and I’m so bored of the Kindergarten Tutorial. You should make it so we can go straight to level 60 without all that POS ‘school’ noob stuff.

    Why do you hate your players! Plz fixkthx! Permadeth blows goats!1!

  3. Melmoth


    Working as intended.

    If you don’t like it then you can always go and play one of those cheap Earth clones out there, with their eternal life, peace and harmony.

    We’ve always stated that Earth was going to be non-opt-out PvP with permadeath and that it was going to be aimed at the more hardcore deitybase.

    And if one more person complains about travel times being too long, I swear I’ll banish them to a different pantheon. If you want instant teleportation, go and play Mars Online. Oh wait, that game died out centuries ago didn’t it? We’ve already drastically improved your ’60s mount speeds compared to those you got in the ’40s.

    Now, I’ll be off for a few days as I’m going to TerraCon to promote the new Global Warming expansion, which we’re really excited about. We’ll be giving out more details about the new, previously unavailable, Arctic continent that we’re adding for play, so look out for updates from that when I get back.

  4. brackishwater

    I can only imagine that they are probably begging for a content update as the servers are getting rather overpopulated with players. Space Please!!

    P.S. Please Nerf the US.

  5. Will Wallace

    Lots of complaints about the gold drop rate I imagine and how there are too many money sinks! Lowbies can hardly afford a mount, much less housing. Most people have to buy gold just to get training for their low levels, and they’re STILL paying it off 20 levels later!

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