The Invasion of the Cheapseats

I managed to tear myself away from Guitar Hero (up to 21 tracks of the hard career *extends index and little finger and lightly moshes*) for a couple of hours last night. Van Hemlock’s Operation Cheapseats had come to Paragon City, and with City of Heroes being my first MMO (and you never forget (and in my case so far, unsubscribe from) your first time) I thought I’d pop along and say “‘ullo“.

I normally play on the US servers, having started back in 2004 before there were any EU servers; there was an option to transfer when the game was officially launched in Europe, but the rest of my supergroup were sticking around so I stayed with them. Plus the exchange rate works out pretty well at the moment for a subscription in dollars! Having signed up for a 14 day EU trial, I had a bad feeling there might be some unpleasantness involved in trying to run two versions of the client, but it turned out to be simplicity itself thanks to a handy post on the boards. All it needed was to download the EU version of the launcher, stick that in the folder of the existing client, then fire up the appropriate version of the launcher to connect to your desired continent’s servers.

The customary hours of soul searching over that perfect hero identity and powerset eventually resulted in Slush Puppeh, an ice/electric blaster who got her powers in a particularly bizarre incident involving an iced beverage machine, and much splendid crimefighting followed with Van Hemlock’s ice tank, another ice blaster, and Melmoth’s thankfully non-icy kinetic/sonic defender providing invaluable healing and damage boosts (as well as shouting at stuff). Clockwork robots were stopped from… doing whatever they were doing, a bunch of suspiciously well-armed art thieves were frozen, electrocuted and shouted at, I nicked several PvP gags, and there was ;dancing in the streets of Paragon. Huzzah!

2 thoughts on “The Invasion of the Cheapseats

  1. Heather

    Between you and Van Hemlock I can’t wait to try CoH/CoV! It sounds delightfully silly and fun. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

  2. Zoso

    Huzzah! If you want to give it a try on the US servers give me a shout, I think I can do a “refer a friend”-type thing for a 10 day trial.

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