Get sick, get well, hang around a ink well

Another weekend without much to report, this time from being wiped out by a cold/flu-type-thing, which with typically marvellous timing has worn off just in time to get back to work again.

I did get as far as signing up for the Warhammer: Age of Reckoning beta on Friday, prompted in no small part by Paul Barnett’s evangelising as typified by the latest video podcast linked by Melmoth. I’m still weighing up my “to be(ta), or not to be(ta)” policy, and although, rationally, I tried to argue with myself that it’s better to give a game a while to mature rather than charge in to the almost-finished version, I put forward what I considered to be quite a strong counter-point, that with two very distinct factions it should be possible to play one during beta without “spoiling” the other for launch. This approach worked fairly well for WoW, as the guild I was in were going to be Alliance, so I played various Horde characters in the two open betas. Then again, I’d definitely decided to play a Hunter in release, and was therefore playing a Rogue for a change during beta, and that didn’t quite turn out as planned (as Victor Kiam might have said, if he’d played WoW a lot rather than buying Remington, “I liked it so much, I carried on playing a Rogue after release!”)