This indecision’s bugging me

Not much to report from this weekend, partly from being away for much of it, and partly from having three MMOGs on the go. Though I’ve had multiple subscriptions running a couple of times before, I’d focus on a single game, and go with that. Similarly, although I might flick around a few different low level race/class combinations while getting used to a game, I’ve always “locked in” to one as a main character fairly quickly, and hardly played anything else.

Not only have I been hopping between World of Warcraft, City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online, but I’ve compounded the problem by not deciding on a single LotRO character either, spending roughly equal time on a Captain and a Hunter (and having a nagging feeling I should actually be trying a Guardian or Minstrel, judging from the Looking For Fellowship calls; seems like, as per usual, there’s never enough tanks and healers…)

2 thoughts on “This indecision’s bugging me

  1. Tobold

    Why would that be a bad thing if you play several characters on several games? What would you “win” if you concentrated on one character in one game and got him to some level cap or other point in the shortest possible time? I’d say you are doing it just right, maximizing your fun by having lots of variety. As long as paying 3 monthly fees isn’t a problem, that is.

  2. Zoso

    Well, the financial aspect is one side of it; not that money is so tight that a month’s subscription to an MMOG is a serious expense, but it all stacks up… The difference between running three simultaneous subscriptions over a year instead of one at a time would cover a Wii and a couple of games, or a nicer graphics card with the next PC upgrade.

    Other than that, it’s mostly a matter of keeping up with friends and guildmates, something p0tsh0t has an interesting post on. It’s not just levelling either; in WoW, I don’t have the reputation for any heroic dungeon keys yet, so I can’t tag along with any heroic guild runs (and that’s just with one main character).

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