It was gravity which pulled us down

Server problems put a bit of a crimp on my Middle Earth adventures last night, restricting my wanderings to the forums (mostly the hundreds of posts demanding a full technical breakdown of *exactly* what the problem with the servers was. I’m not entirely sure what people think they’d gain from the technical team outlining their precise fault finding process in excruciating detail, presumably to receive helpful advice like “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” and “Is it plugged in?”, but there you go.)

In one of those annoying quirks of timing, it looks like Issue 9 of City of Heroes will be released today, just after a conveniently free evening, but such is life. I ran a few missions with my Dominator anyway to get back into the swing of things and earn a bit of cash for the new auction houses, and it was great fun raining flaming death upon all and sundry once more. Puts me on the horns of the dalai lama over what to play tonight now (such life or death decisions we face…)