Daily Archives: March 12, 2007

Weekend Warcrafting

Quiet weekend in WoW, with lots of rugby on instead… Aside from the wild excitement of creeping up to 350 leatherworking, allowing me to make riding crops if I just spend another seventeen years grinding the insane components needed, the highlight was probably a quick zap through the Auchendai Crypts. Remember I mentioned our guild’s mandatory “wipe on the first encounter or two”? We continued this policy quite magnificently…
Priest: “Watch out if they summon a Possessor. Those things are nasty, have to be taken down quickly.”
First group, a Posessor is summoned, takes control of our tank who mows through our cloth wearers, much death ensues.
Us: “We should watch out for those Posessors. They’re nasty, take them down quickly…”

After that, everything went rather nicely, including the loot; few greens for me, and useful things for our group from both bosses, including a ring from the final chap I had a roll on, but lost; not that I was too distraught, it was only a very slight improvement on a green ring I’d picked up from the auction house.