Daily Archives: March 5, 2007

Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule

I haven’t been paying much attention to jewels or enchantments on the road to level 70, as most items are replaced fairly regularly on the way, but now I’m nearly there I thought I’d have a quick browse of the auction house to see what sort of jewels might be affordable. I hit a bit of a snag, though; I believe the Auctioneer add-on puts me at a slight advantage over plain interface users, as it gives a “Gem” option to filter results, but even with that applied I was seeing over 850 items for sale, both cut and uncut gems. With the speed of auction house paging, that’s not really a viable number of results to browse through, especially as you don’t want to buy an item on page 1 and find the same thing for half the price on page 20. I ran a few searches for specific gems, but typing “Bright Blood Garnet”, search, checking results, “Delicate Blood Garnet”, search, etc., isn’t much fun either. A cursory Google didn’t really turn up any add-ons or similar to help (though it was very cursory, as I was busy typing “Solid Azure Moonstone”, search, “Jagged Deep Peridot“, search, for much of the day); anyone found a better way of doing it?