Daily Archives: January 17, 2007

I recant!

Despite my dire prophecies of doom, everything went pretty smoothly last night. Other than one server restart, fortunately before we’d grouped up to do anything, and a bit of instability in the Outlands, it was plain sailing. Not even a queue to get on the server to start with!

With one of our group not having The Burning Crusade yet, and my (mostly unfounded as it turned out) pessimism over the potential stability of the server, we headed up to the Plaguelands for a quick visit to Scholomance. I’ve not seen much of the late game instances; back in my first WoW run, Scholomance and Stratholme were tougher than they are now, so on first hitting 60 with a motley assortment of green gear, they tended to be run as raids of ten or more for the loot rather than for the quests, which was pretty dull. Now, with the mobs thinned out a bit, and gear boosted by PvP and some strategic raiding (of the auction house), a group of four of us made great headway last week, completing the first part of the “Krastinov, the Butcher” quest series. Last night we wrapped up the final two parts, so I finally got hold of Mirah’s Song, a nice off-hand sword I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. Wonder what the odds are of the first Outlands drop being a more impressive weapon…